A Day in the Life

What goes on on a typical day with Bike & Build? I don’t mean to imply that any day will be in any way “typical.” But you know. Those two schedules give a pretty good idea of what I’ll be doing on any given day. We have a total of three days off in Marshalltown, … Continue reading

Downsizing for Donations

I spent the last week going through all my stuff and setting it aside for a yard sale. I figure that if I spent nine months away from it and didn’t miss it, I really don’t need it. Plus it’s kind of nice not having too much stuff and clutter. Of course, it was one … Continue reading

Crash Bang Boom

(I attempted to write this post Sunday night but my brain couldn’t function anymore) On Sunday my friend Sasha and I went on a 37 mile ride from Back Bay Station in Boston, out to Walden Pond in Concord, then east to Alewife station in Cambridge. Of course, we took a break at Walden to … Continue reading

Sweat Equity

As a participant in Bike & Build, we’re required to put in what they call “sweat equity.”┬áPart of the Bike & Build sweat equity includes researching and preparing a presentation on affordable housing to give while on the road. It also includes contributing at least 10 hours to a local affordable housing group. I got … Continue reading

The First Clipless Outing

With my arrival back in Boston, I promptly ran to the big bike box set aside in my room and squealed a little with glee. It took me a few days to really get to it, since I have lots of bags to deal with, but I got the whole thing assembled Saturday afternoon; computer … Continue reading