One Week Already?

I seriously can’t believe a week has passed with my Bike & Build family. It feels like so much longer based on how much has already been accomplished. Over 180 miles have been logged so far. We’re currently in Poughkeepsie, NY, and I am currently trying to stay awake on my Thermarest in the aisle … Continue reading

Shake Shake Shakedown

Greetings from my new Bike & Build world. Right now I’m on a train up to Maine for my cousin’s wedding, much love to my fellow riders working on a Habitat site in Providence today. It has been a whirlwind so far. Wednesday night involved a lot of the usual icebreaker activities, and dinner provided … Continue reading

My Ride

The Giant Avail 2 will be my primary mode of transportation this summer, and I could not be more excited about it. Function aside, just look at how pretty it is! It’s a total coincidence, but my hydration pack matches it perfectly, and my bike shoes are a white pearl. Go ahead and hate, but … Continue reading