Broken But Still Awesome

Today we’re in Lisbon, IA and I have the rare moment to be on a laptop to update! Hellooooo.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of insane. We’re now in state #9, and have traveled over 1500 miles. We saw fireworks in Columbus, OH and spent the 4th playing games and setting off small fireworks in Dayton. I was one of the first to arrive on an 83 mile day, showered, and grilled dinner for everyone. Our hosts in Dayton also treated us all to Dayton Dragons minor league baseball tickets. It was a perfect evening. We got caught in the rain and waited it out by playing in some batting cages. I’ve consumed more ice cream than I can even describe. We had one really fantastic ride day that was about 80 degrees, cloudy, and relatively flat. We had a LOT of fun on the road (and off, napping in rows of corn), and I hit 28mph on a flat road trying to catch up to a rider to shark him.

Monday was another intense ride. Shortly after we left the host, I hit a hole in some train tracks and felt a sharp pain in my left hand. I shook it off and continued riding. By lunch at mile 30, my hand had swollen so I could no longer see my knuckles. That happens with sprains, right? I taped an ice pack to my hand and kept going for the rest of the 75 mile day. I also had to change a rear flat tire (with the help of Alexander, my riding partner that day). Then I went out with the group that night since we had a build day the next day. The next morning my hand looked worse and I chose to get an x-ray. Metacarpal fracture. I like to think I’m kind of awesome for completing what I did on a broken hand. The doctor made a removable cast for me that fits my handlebar grip, so once I get my new dual brake lever installed in Ames, I’ll be back on the road. I’m sad about missing these days on the road, but safety comes first.

The midwest is full of lots of corn. And soy. And corn. And soy. Wow look more corn. Also, despite what you may think, Ohio and Iowa are not flat. At all. So many hills.

Flat update: two. One of them ripped a hole in my tire and I had to buy a new one. Wooooo.

One Response to “Broken But Still Awesome”
  1. Ernie says:

    Kera, sorry to hear about your hand. But glad you are still hanginh in there. Good post, thank you.

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