Oh Yeah, Blog Posts

It’s nearly impossible to find the time to write these days. We have a rare hour of down time (in an air conditioned room, no less).

Over the past few weeks we have made our way across Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. Just so you know, the northeast is really hilly. Scratch that. Mountainous. There was one day we had a steep switchback climb (and I had a little fall), an another day with a climb so large, I shed a tear when we finally reached the top and I could see the huge downhill that awaited us. We had two major climbs before lunch one day; the first leading to a 9% downgrade for 3 miles, followed by a 10 mile climb and a 10% downgrade for 2.5 miles. I’m beginning to think I should start riding roller coasters because those downhills are what I live for.

Last week we had a 45 mile day (short by B&B standards) and it reached 102 degrees. Luckily we found an icy cold pond and swam and sat in the shade for a good 90 minutes. When we continued, there was a stretch of road where the tar melted onto our tires in the heat. At first glance I thought something had totally torn up my wheels. They’re okay now.

I can’t even begin to rehash all of our stops along the way. Every day, the effort we have to use in order to remember what day it is or where we are going or where we came from increases exponentially. Today is Saturday and I’m in Youngstown, OH. I only know this because today was a build day and I helped install some kitchen cabinets.

Tomorrow we ride to Akron, and the roads are slowly getting flatter. Seriously, seriously excited about that. Hills are not friendly to IT bands, and mine has been flaring up recently. So I’m especially excited about the flats, even though there will be some headwinds too.

Speaking of flats: I haven’t had any flat tires yet. Knock on wood.


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