One Week Already?

I seriously can’t believe a week has passed with my Bike & Build family. It feels like so much longer based on how much has already been accomplished. Over 180 miles have been logged so far. We’re currently in Poughkeepsie, NY, and I am currently trying to stay awake on my Thermarest in the aisle of a church. I slept in between some pews on Saturday night. I hit my knee a few too many times to try it again.

Where to begin on what I’ve seen? We’ve crossed two state lines: Connecticut and New York. Stopped at waterfalls. Biked up mountains and enjoyed the panoramic view. Found a petting zoo. Swam in a lake (or in my case, a man-made lake that used to be a swamp). Got spooked by some chickens. Rode 8 extra miles to eat at a Culinary Institute restaurant. It was all amazing.

Once I can get a hold of a laptop I can maybe add some more photos. For now, here’s a small selection.





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