Shake Shake Shakedown

Greetings from my new Bike & Build world. Right now I’m on a train up to Maine for my cousin’s wedding, much love to my fellow riders working on a Habitat site in Providence today.

It has been a whirlwind so far. Wednesday night involved a lot of the usual icebreaker activities, and dinner provided by Chipotle using Donation Maaaaagic. Donation Magic (or DM) is what we use along the route to get goodies that will benefit the whole group and defray operating costs, leaving more money to be donated.

We also received our Thermarests, which will act as our comfy beds for the next 10 weeks. They’re surprisingly comfy, but will still take some getting used to. And as far as we can tell, no one in our group snores. Yay.

Yesterday we set out on our 20 mile shakedown ride. Chris led the first group out, consisting of really strong riders like Alex and Kane. I went out with the second group, which was Neil and some ladies. He fell behind after a few blocks to “check on the other groups.” Sure, Neil. We met up with Chris’ group and somehow passed them. Samantha took the lead for us, and we totally rocked the lead pace group for the whole route. I think we averaged 14mph with some substantial hills.


I already have some sweet tan lines from yesterday’s ride, and that’s while wearing SPF 50 sunblock. I’m going to be an awkward bronzed goddess from mid-quad down.


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