Going Public

Holy moly you guys. I just biked for 3.5 hours on a trainer-propped bike on Main St. That’s probably the longest workout I’ve done since I ran the Chicago Marathon back in 2010. Why was I on Main St? I was talking to passersby  about Bike & Build and trying to solicit donations. It wasn’t … Continue reading

My Ride

The Giant Avail 2 will be my primary mode of transportation this summer, and I could not be more excited about it. Function aside, just look at how pretty it is! It’s a total coincidence, but my hydration pack matches it perfectly, and my bike shoes are a white pearl. Go ahead and hate, but … Continue reading

I Might Be Crazy

Flying across the country: totally normal. Going on a road trip across the country: more ambitious, but definitely common enough. Bicycling across the country: hahaha are you serious? Are you insane? The answer is a resounding “probably!” My interest in Bike & Build piqued this past summer, when I was dreaming of seeing a little more of … Continue reading